Time 2 Teach


Unfinished learning is a critical issue for schools, and teachers have many questions:
• how much learning is 'unfinished'
• where do students need support, to catch up
• how can schools work alongside tutors, efficiently?

Using Australia's first interrelated curriculum—our One Curriculum platform provides the tools to address unfinished learning:
• students can identify where they lack confidence
• teachers can track learning progress
• coordinators can get high level insights into learning engagement
• school leaders can monitor learning progress, across their school.

In many jurisdictions, the curriculum pieces are in different places, so we've brought them into a fast, unified system, so curriculums are easier to work with, and more flexible:
• learning can lead curriculum, where that's useful
• built-in scope and sequence pathways can identify pre-requisite learning, and whether it's been covered
• planning is flexible
• teachers can track learning progress and learning engagement.

One Curriculum first release is currently in development.

Join our Forerunner Program, to try it out, and take action against unfinished learning.