Superloop CyberEdge


Superloop Cyberhound is the leading provider of cyber security and cyber safety solutions to K12 schools in Australia. Protecting over 300,000 students, we give schools the ability to optimise, secure and manage their network.

With a strong focus on student wellbeing, CyberEdge helps schools identify at-risk students and enable staff to deliver vital care and support quickly. CyberEdge gives students and teachers the power and freedom to engage in new ways of learning without worrying about access, performance, or safety. 

For over 20 years, our relationships with educational institutions have helped drive research and development into designing, and refining, tailored cybersecurity solutions for schools. Including the level of support we offer IT teams.

So, what are CyberEdge’s goals? To help focus and improve the way students learn. To deliver secure and relevant content safely while enhancing the wellbeing of students and protecting school networks and data from external threats.