R.I.C. Publications


R.I.C. Publications’ core focus is creating high-quality educational resources for teachers. This quality is achieved by meeting the differing needs of students today, creating a learning experience that's engaging, enjoyable and informative. We've crafted comprehensive Australian teaching resources for all year groups, that cover many different activity types and learning styles.

Our resources are made by teachers for teachers. When we began, we noticed there was a lack of educational resources in Australia that were both relevant to the Australian Curriculum and enjoyable for students. As teachers, we knew combining both of these features was crucial in early education, as young minds are easily distracted.

Students want to be stimulated and do what they enjoy, so the most effective way to educate them is to make learning entertaining. Since then, we've had 30 years to optimise our teaching material to a level we’re proud of, and our feedback from teachers and students suggests they adore it too