MacGear Limited Partnership


MacGear is showcasing the latest educational products from award-winning brands Sphero and Osmo, as well as introducing Ugee and Xencelabs’ range of digital drawing solutions.
Sphero is committed to providing the tools and support you need to implement STEAM and computer science in your classroom, no matter what you teach. From Kindy to High School, Sphero offers cross-curricular STEAM activities designed to enrich classrooms and teach 21st century skills.
Osmo is an award-winning games system that changes how students interact with their iPad. Osmo introduces kids to the digital world and transforms how they learn in the classroom through blending learning and fun, making screentime productive.  
UGEE has more than 20 years’ experience in creating durable, affordable products for digital drawing beginners.  UGEE Pen Tablets help students to build a foundation for their future career and education path.
Xencelabs is the first US company to launch a professional-grade Pen Tablet range offering best-in-class, feature-rich digital drawing solutions. The range prioritises workflow, comfort and intuitive use for students when using industry design software in the classroom and beyond.