Life Skills Group


Life Skills Go is an engaging, online blended learning platform.
Our online interactive lessons are evidence-based, science-backed, curriculum-aligned, and are flexibly designed to align with school curriculums and priorities.  

Life Skills GO is transforming 21st-century learning by delivering measurable social, emotional, and physical skills through education technology. It is fun and engaging for students in years K-6.

Analytics, online quizzes and intrinsic motivational games help you assess student's overall wellbeing, as well as their knowledge and application of learning content which can be mapped directly to curriculum outcomes.

Using the reporting dashboard you can receive real-time feedback on students progress and wellbeing throughout each curriculum-aligned lesson. This allows you to better assess student's understanding of learning modules.

The Life Skills Go online learning platform delivers stage based lesson in six areas of a child's development:   

·     Self Awareness 
·     Self Management 
·     Physical Awareness 
·     Social Awareness 
·     Positive Relationships 
·     Wise Decisions

School outcomes:

Improve school wellbeing
Decrease anxiety
Increase resilience and self-regulation
Improve academic results and problem-solving skills
Foster growth mindsets
Build self-awareness and emotional intelligence
Establish positive relationship skills resulting in decreased bullying
Embed wellbeing in every classroom
Measure each student's wellbeing