KeyWatcher Australia


Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (AST) have been delivering electronic key and asset management solutions since 1996.

AST’s Head Office is located in Seven Hills, Sydney and supply product and services throughout all of Australia and New Zealand. AST also have an office based in Hong Kong to service the Casino market in Macau.

The core of AST’s business incorporates the Morse Watchman KeyWatcher product which is an electronic key cabinet that serves many purposes in managing assets in the security, fleet and contractor management spaces.

AST are an affiliated partner with KeyMaaS Pty Ltd which provides ICT services and support to the Morse Watchman KeyWatcher product through a software platform called KMaaS (Key Management as a Service). The KMaaS platform provides the IT and Network infrastructure as well as a third-party API and managed services to the KeyWatcher solution.

AST continue to provide product and services to a range of industries including local, state and federal govt agencies, airports, banks, universities, casinos, utility providers and many more.