Hivve Technology


Hivve specialises in helping schools create better learning environments, reduce energy costs and help deliver a more sustainable future. The Hivve tailored solutions include:

The Hivve is the next generation, sustainable classroom. Thoughtfully designed for 21st learning, Hivve classrooms offer flexible, engaging learning spaces that deliver better value for schools over the long term. 

Every Hivve classroom is designed to sustainably create an ideal environment for learning, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Using self-generated solar energy to power all air conditioning and other electrical systems, Hivve classrooms work together with Hivve iQ technology to inform and optimise their indoor spaces.

 Hivve iQ is an integrated renewable energy generation, storage and technology system that fully powers classrooms and manages their indoor environments. 

Hivve iQ enabled classrooms are managed as a network, creating a reliable, school wide renewable power supply system, helping schools save money and become more energy self-sufficient. 

Hivve iQ technology also provides real time Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) monitoring of each classroom in the school. With research showing a direct relationship between IEQ and learning outcomes, Hivve iQ equips schools with the tools needed to optimise their learning environments.