Grassroots Approach Programs


Grassroots Approach Programs was established in 2014. Its primary vision was to transform society through teaching essential relational skills to the grassroots of society – the senior high school students.

Arsho Kalloghlian is a practicing psychotherapist who runs her own private practice in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Her primary field of interest and expertise is in restoring dysfunctional relationships.

The programs have been created in response to the growing number of relationships breaking down, and the rippled affects felt in the workplace and in the home.

Arsho states “So often I hear people say ‘they teach us the ABC’s and the 123’s, but no-one teaches about how to overcome challenges in a relationship!”

Post Covid-19, Arsho has added the topic on De-Stressing HSC. This topic provides strategies for processing and retaining information without the stress.

Arsho has run workshops for leaders, community members, teachers, parents and senior students in five states.