Please provide a 200-word Company Profile Experimentary is all about hands-on science, online. with experiments and investigations for K - 9, and aligned to the curriculum.

Experimentary helps teachers to teach science. We take the hard work out of preparing and running experiments – we provide a list of items needed for experiments, easy-to-follow video instructions, and even an online digital lab book for students to record their findings.  

It can be used by the teacher with the class, or assigned by the teacher online and use by the students independently (even at home).

It’s all about inquiry-based, hands-on learning, because that’s when students learn best.

The best way to get a taste for it all is to head to the website (www.experimentary.com.au) and take a look at the video on the front page, it only takes 90 seconds, but I think you’ll be intrigued.

You can sign up for a free trial on the website too.

It’s affordable, and easy to use.

Annual subscriptions are charged on a per student basis and are an inexpensive way to integrate high-quality science experiments into your teaching program.  

Happy Experimenting!