Elastik Learning


Elastik launched in the UK in January 2022. Since January 2021, the platform has been used in Australia, where it
now works with over 400 schools, 103,000 students and 13,971 teachers across the country to empower teaching
staff to address unidentified gaps in their students’ curriculum-driven learning across Maths, English, and Science.
Elastik delivers cutting edge technology, but was designed with the premise that technology cannot replace a
teacher. Instead it uses AI (smart algorithms and machine learning) to free teachers from administrative burdens,
give them insights on student development, and let them focus on what they do best – helping students grow.
Elastik recognises the challenges facing schools today and provides support and expertise to the school and the
teachers. Rapid implementation delivers benefits immediately and ongoing guidance ensures that the value grows
as Elastik becomes embedded. Teachers in Australia describe their approach as game changing.