Champion Life Education


Champion Life is a positive intervention to boost student mental and physical health and a monitoring system that tracks student’s wellbeing throughout the year to deliver actionable insights for teachers and school leaders. Through our 100% online resource we combine Mentoring, Movement and Monitoring to boost student wellbeing. 

Providing positive role models is one of the single most powerful factors in fostering a child’s development towards adult health and wellbeing.  Champion Life provides guided video content delivered by real-life community role models whose diversity and relatability reflects the diversity of our students and their interests.  

Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to support mental health. Champion Life’s Body Sets deliver guided mini activity “brain-breaks” each day in the form of a follow-along videos that run for 3-5 minutes.  Each Body Set concludes with a wellbeing tip from our role models. 

The Wellbeing Monitor ties everything together allowing students to rate their mood before and after a Body Set delivering actionable wellbeing data insights to teachers and school leaders.