Cadmus is a secure, online assessment platform used by universities globally to deliver high-quality assessment experiences to students. By simplifying the process of creating and delivering best practice assessment at scale, Cadmus can be used to support the challenges faced by universities today; including academic integrity, student retention, remote learning and online exams.

Founded in 2015, out of a research partnership with The University of Melbourne, Cadmus has grown rapidly to deliver high-quality assessment experiences to over 100,000 students. Universities across Australia, UK, US, Canada and Europe, have used Cadmus to improve academic integrity, student retention and the online examination outcomes at scale.

The online assessment platform facilitates the entire assessment workflow for teachers and students; from assessment design and management, through to completing assessments and providing feedback.

For students, Cadmus’ supportive learning environment provides scaffolded learning journeys and contextual support —resulting in better assessment outcomes and outstanding student experience (95% Good to Excellent).

For teachers, that platform fast tracks the process of creating high-quality assessment, empowering them with actionable analytics to highlight students at risk, improve learning, and assure academic integrity.