Bilby 3D


Bilby 3D are the biggest provider of 3D Printers in the world, with 4 locations across the east coast and resellers nation wide. Our decade experience not just in box moving but in using and servicing 3D Printers and manufacturing consumables and machines means our staff don't sell you a machine, we work with you to generate a solution that is right for your personal needs.

You may have seen our flagship 3D Printer for education within the NSW Education department program "T4L". We iterated that model for over a year with schools from across the country to be 
-robust enough to handle rough and ready classrooms
-quiet enough to not interfere with the classroom conversation
-Easy to maintain by busy teachers
-Have an extruder ready for almost any material from PLA plastic to real metal printing!
-Backed by easy to follow instructions for troubleshooting
-Easy to transport for annual servicing while schools close at Christmas or during school holidays :)

Plus Bilby 3D was born from Bilby Publishing who has nearly 30 years experience generating classroom material to support deaf and signing students. That experience helped us really understand the classroom and teachers needs.