Agile-Xtra - Workspace Concepts


Agile-Xtra’s core focus isthe fitting out of Learning spaces to enhance and encourage – Activity-based Learning, and the fitting out of Workspaces to inspire effective & efficient working. Being fully aware that the environment of a Learning space has a significant impact on the academic achievement of each student– Agile-Xtra is committed to provide spaces that work for you!

We offer design, fit out and refurbishment solutions for every area of your Campus including Classrooms, Breakout areas, Staff Rooms, Amenities, Offices, Reception areas and even your Canteen. So, whether you require a classroom refurbishment to stimulate student outcomes, or a revamp or your Front-of-house to create better ‘first impressions’, our unique blend of experience, creativity and know-how will ensure your space is everything you desire.

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