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  • Business Coaches and Mentors
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Micro Learning Methods
Optimal Learning Strategies
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David Alais, Professor Of Experimental Psychology, The University of Sydney Brain & Mind Centre, Australia

David Alais |  | The University of Sydney  Brain & Mind Centre » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Clark Aldrich, Author, Short Sims, United States

Clark Aldrich |  | Short Sims » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Sam Bloom, Special guest speaker, Australia

Anneli Blundell, Founder, Anneli, Australia

Fr Rod Bower, Archdeacon for Justice, Anglican Diocese Of Newcastle

Fr Rod Bower |  | Anglican Diocese Of Newcastle » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Phillip Campbell, CEO, enigmaFIT Pty Ltd, Australia

Andrew Chan, Manager, Training And Education, Surf Life Saving NSW, Australia

Andrew Chan |  | Surf Life Saving NSW » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Antonio Di Meola, Learning and Development Manager, Novotech, Australia

Antonio Di Meola |  | Novotech » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Dan Gay, Academy Trainer Manager, Surf Life Saving NSW, Australia

Dan Gay |  | Surf Life Saving NSW » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Richard Gerver, Educator, Leader, Innovator, Coach to the worlds elite, United Kingdom

James Gibson, Senior Consultant in Digital Learning, National Australia Bank, Australia

James Gibson |  | National Australia Bank » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Sean Hall, Chief Energist, Energx

Sean Hall |  | Energx » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jane Hart, Founder, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, United Kingdom

Jane Hart |  | Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Mr Scott Jacovou-Johnson, Learning And Development Specialist, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia

Jeevan Joshi, The Army

Jeevan Joshi |  | The Army » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Karl Kapp, Professor, Bloomsburg University

Karl Kapp |  | Bloomsburg University » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jason Laufer, Asia Pacific Senior Director: LinkedIn Learning and Glint, LinkedIn, Australia

Jason Laufer |  | LinkedIn » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Amanda Lizier, Lecturer And Researcher, University of Technology Sydney

Bella Lough, Talent Management Senior Consultant - Oceania, SE Asia and India, Ericsson, Australia

Bella Lough |  | Ericsson » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Tony Maguire, Regional Director - ANZ, D2L, Australia

Tony Maguire |  | D2L » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Imani Mance, Director, Learning, The Home Depot

Imani Mance |  | The Home Depot » speaking at EduTECH Australia

LCDR Justin Mangan, Training Manager, Navy Training Force and Defence Force Recruiting, Australia

LCDR Justin Mangan |  | Navy Training Force and Defence Force Recruiting » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Michelle Ockers, Organisational Learning Strategist,, Australia

Michelle Ockers |  | » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Laura Overton, Author: Facilitator: Researcher, United Kingdom

Lynette Pinder, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Training and Development, Australia

Lynette Pinder |  | Australian Institute of Training and Development » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Arun Pradhan, Founder, Learn2Learn, Australia

Arun Pradhan |  | Learn2Learn » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Josh Richards, Mars Astronaut Candidate, Cave Diver, Warrior, Australia

Andrew Seyderhelm, Serious Games & Simulation Strategist, Australian Federal Police, Australia

Andrew Seyderhelm |  | Australian Federal Police » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Vanessa Trower, Learning and Development Manager, G.W.A. Group Ltd, Australia

Vanessa Trower |  | G.W.A. Group Ltd » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Jen Waltmon, Programs & Content Manager, Australian Institute of Training and Development, Australia

Jen Waltmon |  | Australian Institute of Training and Development » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Natalie Wieland, Co-Founder and Head of Product, VidVersity, Australia

Natalie Wieland |  | VidVersity » speaking at EduTECH Australia

Kevin M. Yates, L&D Detective, Impact Measurement Investigations, United States

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Workplace Learning, Monday 9 November 2020

Michelle Ockers
Workplace Learning

WORKPLACE LEARNING PLENARY: The global conversation – Driving value in the digital future of learning and work

This interactive keynote will combine the 50+ years of global L&D experience shared by Laura Overton and Michelle Ockers with the thousands of years of experience of the conference participants to uncover a new roadmap for driving value.
Jason Laufer
Workplace Learning

Leading With Learning

With nearly every organisation and function impacted by COVID-19, learning has quickly become the centre of the organisational response. According to our new Leading with Learning report, we’ve seen 9 ways the L&D profession has changed in the past few months. We surveyed L&D pros and discovered learning has finally earned a well-deserved seat at the table and it is playing a central role as we enter the new world of work.
Karl Kapp
Workplace Learning

The Power of Serious Games for Planning, Preparing and Predicting the Future

Cutting edge organizations are using games for more than learning, they’re using games to predict the future, plan for the unthinkable and prepare for shifting competitive landscapes. Since at least the 1940’s large organizations have used games and gameplay to investigate possible geopolitical outcomes, competitor moves, organizational concerns and even to catch criminals. Discover how games are used to help employees make sense of the world around them, anticipate changes in the marketplace and discover innovative breakthroughs. ·Discover how games help organizations prepare employees for future contingences.·Learn what elements need to be embedded in a game to help predict the future.·Identify why games are such a useful tool for planning actions and reactions within a marketplace.
Imani Mance
Workplace Learning

Pervasive Inclusion: How to Create Belonging Through L&D Practices

Pervasive Inclusion: How to Challenge Common Biases and Create Belonging through L&D Practices is session where we will explore the meaning of belonging and 5 strategies for creating more inclusive learning experiences. The interactive session is less about making the case for diversity and inclusion, and more focused on the exploring tools and resources that you can use in creating more inclusive training.
Mr Scott Jacovou-Johnson
Workplace Learning

Imbedding Learning in the Executive Mind

"Trainers and training functions sometimes struggle with gaining executive mind space, being actively engaged in projects from conception, and effectively communicating the tangible benefits that ‘best fit for purpose’ learning initiatives can deliver to organisations and individuals. Gaining a voice with executives involves networking and influencing, understanding your business, and selling the story of training and education benefits. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes fail and that can come down to one thing – failing to deliver on commitments. In this presentation, strategies to imbed learning in executive mind space are considered using practical examples from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and personal reflections of your facilitator – Scott Jacovou-Johnson. With an emphasis on delivering on commitments, the presentation explores strategies to engage with senior managers, and enjoying the positive outcomes this produces.Take-AwaysParticipant take-aways include:*Understanding business needs and performance gaps that learning can bridge.*Engaging with learning – top down and bottom up.*Networking, making contact and engaging key decision makers – selling the solution.*Delivering on commitments – getting the basics right.-Understanding when to say ‘no’.-Setting realistic deliverables and identifying milestones.-Monitoring and providing progress updates.-Sharing learnings for future improvements.*Evaluating outcomes and communicating educational results."
Tony Maguire
Workplace Learning

What is programmatic learning?

Presentation Overview: Declining employee engagement, upskilling and reskilling employees to close the ever growing skills gap, building robust, scalable supply chains and operational efficiencies need to be considered for the people at the heart of our business. Implementing learning programmes through technology is the fundamental driver for making learning programmatic. Leveraging AI, digital coaching and facilitating group work and collaboration online, not only reaches more people, but it extends the capabilities of what L&D can deliver.
Anneli Blundell
Workplace Learning

The 3 keys to leverage the power and promise of a blended learning solution – A Merceades Benz Case Study

    her flagship Women in Leadership program as the backdrop, Anneli Blundell shares the power, practicalities and possibilities of a blended learning approach to create sustainable learning outcomes. Getting maximum traction from your learning solutions doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it needs to be strategic. The right actions, at the right times, in the right way, produce consistent and predictable results every time. The key is knowing which critical levers create the best blended learning results.In this session you’ll learn:
  • The 3 core focus areas that produce the greatest returns
  • Where to double down with limited budget
  • How to turbo charge ownership of learning outcomes
LCDR Justin Mangan
Workplace Learning

Joining the Navy as a Training Systems Officer

It is an exciting time to consider a L&D career in the Royal Australian Navy as a Training Systems Officer. The Navy is in a period of rapid expansion and is receiving a number of new platforms. This requires more skilled L&D professionals to work with instructors to design effective training. In this presentation you will hear directly from a Training Systems Officer speak candidly about what a L&D career in the Navy looks like. You will also hear from Defence Force Recruiting on Officer entry pathways.Come find out why working in the Navy is like no other job.
Jeevan Joshi
Workplace Learning

Future Ready Training System for The Army

Join Jeevan Joshi as he discusses how The Army's training system is the critical connection between the Army’s people and mission, to prepare land forces for future challenges in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world.This session will discuss how The Army has developed a Training Transformation Program Strategy to provide the direction for the Army and its partners to transform to a ‘future ready’ training system.It will also explore how the strategy sets the conditions to contest ideas, to invest in change, to introduce new concepts and capabilities, to sustain excellence in the system and to simplify policies, procedures and practice.
Phillip Campbell
Workplace Learning

Brain Plasticity: Addressing the WEF Reskilling Emergency

    Session will cover the following;
  • World Economic Forum 2020: ‘Reskilling Emergency’ - retrain One Billion people by 2030
  • Why Learning Agility will be paramount in a continuously changing Digital/AI Age
  • Why the brain’s Learning Agility will be more important than our ‘Knowledge’
  • Unpacking Brain Plasticity in the development of enhanced Learning Agility
Andrew Seyderhelm
Workplace Learning

Serious Games For a Serious Purpose: Australian Federal Police Simulation Case Study

Andrew will present a case study of the development, deployment and assessment of the Search Warrant Training Simulation (SWTS) he developed to support Recruit training in the Australian Federal Police (AFP). He will discuss the approach taken, tools used and outcomes of the SWTS. He will conclude with what the AFP has learnt from the experience and what the current capability ‘looks like’ as the AFP moves to adopt more serious games and simulation training into the future.
Andrew Chan
Workplace Learning

Building connection and resilience through virtual learning

In these unique times, many people may be feeling anxious, worried or afraid as COVID-19 continues to impact all of us.Surf Life Saving NSW is committed to empowering connection and resilience in communities through innovative learning programs. The newly developed 60-minute virtual “Kitchen Catch Up” is a specially curated program, facilitated by two accredited Mental Health First Aid Facilitators in a dialogue style to offer participants the opportunity to learn more about Mental Health and tips on looking after themselves.In this session, Dan will share how he builds connection and resilience with the workforce through this innovative program. Andrew will then share his learning from developing the organisation’s virtual training delivery capability.
Richard Gerver
Workplace Learning

Tomorrow Belongs to Those Who Prepare for it

Sam Bloom
Workplace Learning

Sam and Penguin – be inspired!

Josh Richards
Workplace Learning

Objective-based Leadership/Followership and Teambuilding

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Workplace Learning, Tuesday 10 November 2020

Amanda Lizier
Workplace Learning

The Future of Work: What will become of L&D?

    a will open the day with her insights into the future of work and what changes we can expect from L&D. She will explore:
  • How learning at work will change?
  • Why content is no longer King
  • What skills will employees need in the future?
  • Changing face of L&D: What do we need to stop, start and continue?
Kevin M. Yates
Workplace Learning

Investigate Learning's Impact Like an L&D Detective

    are the facts that show impact for training? Is there evidence for the effect of learning on behavior, performance, and actions? Are there clues that reveal the connection between training, learning, performance, and business goals?In the spirit of great detectives like Sherlock Holmes, we’ll discuss how to conduct an investigation that solves the greatest mysteries in Learning & Development, “What is the impact of training and learning?”. We’ll examine how to use measurement to evaluate results. We’ll explore how to use data and fact-based evidence to build the case for learning’s influence on performance and performance’s influence on achieving business goals.What’s in it for you?
  • Proactively plan for training and learning solutions that measurably impact behavior, performance, and actions.
  • Build training and learning solutions with specific targets for business and performance outcomes.
  • Use measurement and data as evidence for results.
Bella Lough
Workplace Learning

Women in Technology: Unleashing Potential

Within our Ericsson Market Area (SE Asia Oceania & India) we have been running two leadership development programs for women.Fuel has been running for 5 years in in Australia.Aspire kicked off in 2019 and is run virtually for participants from Australia through to South East Asia Pacific and India.This session will: -highlight key design components of both programs-The evolution and learnings from both programs -Program impact
James Gibson
Workplace Learning

Using Digital Learning in the Fight to find Engagement During Social

    as found itself under increased pressure to maintain its learning presence and engagement for staff working in isolation with over 70% of staff working remotely.This has led to an accelerated adoption of digital platforms, virtual learning and rapid learning delivery.The digital learning team at NAB has had to review its own priorities and react rapidly to this changing environment, while working on ways to maintain the momentum this challenge has given the bank.Topics to be covered include:
  • How the new normal has levelled the playing field
  • Activating digital channels to exercise the mind
  • Anywhere Anytime- from buzzword to reality
  • Going back while moving forward- maintaining the momentum
Clark Aldrich
Workplace Learning

Why 40% of your Educational Content will be Short Sims

Clark Aldrich has pioneered a new type of interactive educational experiences called Short Sims.Deceptively simple, they change the rules of creating content. He will argue why at least 40% of the material you produce will be Short Sim over the next few years.Aldrich will take people through:- What are Short Sims, and how are they different than traditional material.- Why and where Short Sims make business sense, and why have early adopters year over year increased their adoption of them.- How you can create and deploy Short Sims for your organizaitons.
Clark Aldrich, Author, Short Sims
Natalie Wieland
Workplace Learning

Surviving, adapting and thriving during covid and beyond.

Digital learning specialist, Natalie Wieland, will examine some key case studies of of organisations that have achieved learning success, during the pandemic crisis. Natalie has worked with education, aged care, corporate and government sectors to enable rapid adaptation of face to face workshops, creating crisis training for staff in health care in over 21 languages in 3 days and enabling trainers and educators to independently create and deliver interactive, engaging learning on demand.
Jen Waltmon
Workplace Learning

Help me, Rhonda! Tips for L & D professionals on how to find the best resources for the learning you’ve been asked to take on

Learning and development now encompasses so much more than just standing at the front of a room doing a ‘chalk and talk’. It’s impossible to be an expert in all areas, so where do L&D professionals go for support, and how do they curate credible sources of information? Join Lynette Pinder and Jen Waltmon from the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) as they look at sources of information and professional development options for L&D professionals. This session will give you ideas on where to go for help when you need it most.
Arun Pradhan
Workplace Learning

Scaling Mental Agility to Grow, Adapt and Innovate

    session will cover the following;
  • How to develop T-shaped skills and thinking at scale
  • How to leverage critical thinking methods used by Warren Buffet and other successful leaders
  • How to rapidly learn and unlearn mental models that allow you to grow, adapt, and innovate
  • An introduction to seven key mental models that will impact your work
Antonio Di Meola
Workplace Learning

Competency, Commitment and Culture Components

    session will help you to:
  • Weave the wonders of vision, mission, values and brand DNA to all facets of culture, competency and commitment
  • Make the essence of your organisation the purpose and passion of every employee for engagement
  • Understand 5 top tips for weaving into induction and leadership training – aimed for high performance organisationsin an ever changing world
Vanessa Trower
Workplace Learning

Collaborative and Social Learning in the Workplace

Vanessawill discuss how Learning and Development professionals should consider a formal structure for collaborative and social learning in the workplace to build a strong learning culture. This presentation will offer practical examples of 15 collaborative and social learning activities.
Fr Rod Bower
Workplace Learning

Swimming with the current of change

In this presentation Fr Rod will explore the natural sequences of change experienced by individuals and recognise how those principles can be used to better engage with change in organisations, culture and society.For Fr Rod “Change is the law of life” (JFK). It does not need to be managed or facilitated; it is simply a matter of choosing to participate in a natural evolutionary process. It’s not so much a matter of how we make change happen, it’s more a matter of how we stop resisting it.
Jane Hart
Workplace Learning

The Top Tools for Learning 2020 - and what they tell us about learning in the new normal.

The Annual Tools survey (now in its 14th year) provides an interesting longitudinal study of not only the tools used for learning but changing learning habits. The 2020 list published on 1 September shows us how the impact of lockdown has brought about a dramatic transformation of services and approach to learning and development in many organisations. In this presentation Jane Hart will consider 10 key features of what learning in the "new normal" means for individuals and L&D teams.
David Alais
Workplace Learning

Learning as a competitive advantage

Learning has never been more important however pandemics of depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and burnout are reducing our capacity to learn and retain new information.Join USYD Professor of Psychology David Alais and Sean Hall CEO of wellbeing company Energx as they share unique insights gathered from over 5000 Australians into the barriers to learning and how they can be overcome to create a competitive advantage for your career, your students and clients and your organisation.
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