EduTECH’s Vocational Education & Training Conference  is designed for leaders from TAFE, RTOs, colleges and continued adult learning organisations to discuss latest issues around assessment, quality, and standards; regulation; employability; partnerships with schools, universities and business; apprenticeships and internships; micro-credentialing; finance & funding; new technology; and remote and hybrid learning.



  • Directors of TAFE
  • Owners and Partners of Registered Training Organisations
  • General Managers
  • Compliance and Regulation Managers
  • Training and Assessment Managers
  • Corporate Trainers
  • eLearning Managers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Skills and Development Managers


  • Industry trends and developments
  • Remote and hybrid VET
  • Compliance and regulation 
  • Partnerships with business
  • Partnerships with schools and universities
  • Student acquisition
  • Wellness




Vocational Education & Training, Wednesday 10 August 2022

last published: 11/Aug/22 03:45

Vocational Education & Training, Thursday 11 August 2022

Catherine McClellan
Vocational Education & Training

Caught in the act: The value of video capture in assessing complex skills

Melanie Worrall
Vocational Education & Training

Put the learner at the heart of the learning experience

Marina Borrello
Vocational Education & Training

Technology Enhanced Learning

The learning environment has changed. The impacts of the COVID pandemic on how quality education could be delivered propelled training organisations to change. The use of technology to attract, engage and retain learners escalated from ‘important for business’ to ‘critical for survival’.  

At TAFE SA we have changed, not only because of the pandemic, but because we recognise that students must be ready and skilled for a world of work where impacts of technology are rapidly changing the pace of work.  Technical skills need to sit alongside digital skills. Learners need to be fluent and competent in both the real and the digitally enabled worlds. 

Technology enhanced learning is the new reality.  TAFE SA’s vision is to ensure graduates undertake technology enhanced learning experiences to establish foundations of success for both working and learning. 

To make this vision a success TAFE SA has boldly developed and implemented student-centric digital technologies to digitally enhance learning. Challenging this is the generational diversity represented in student cohorts and the need to provide a wide spectrum of technology enhanced learning options from virtual/ augmented reality to online presentations. The TAFE SA Digital Toolkit enables educators to design, develop and deliver technology enhanced learning aligned to the needs of their student cohorts. 

These approaches are ensuring TAFE SA is providing real world outcomes for its graduates in a rapidly changing digital world.

last published: 11/Aug/22 03:45