Students Voicing their Learning at EduTECH

Location: Expo Floor by Lounge 3








Repeating on the hour

Roxburgh Park Primary

Fusing maths, design and drag racing is the ultimate way for grade 4s to apply maths. Roxburgh Park Primary School students will share how they designed and raced a 3D printed car in their local Print a car challenge within a two week window.


Dallas Brooks Community Primary

At Dallas Brooks Community Primary School, we have leveraged digital technology to empower our students to lead, research, choose curriculum content and direction. Our school captain and vice-captain will share with you one such example of our learning through our makers fair. This highlights the students learning and progress in STEM, and showcases their ability to educate and teach others. We believe that through this extended inquiry, the year 5/6 students are completing an excellent demonstration of student agency and collaboration through a wide variety of digital technology.

At the conference, we would like to focus on how our use of collaborative tools has helped the student Makers Fair Committee collaborate in making decisions and organising the event. We will give a detailed run down of the process students are undertaking to take control of the event and how this has led to deeper engagement and autonomy in their learning. We will share the variety of digital tools used in the Makers Fair, which students became experts in, and the learning activities set up in their workshops. Finally, the student leaders will explain their hopes and expectations for what the Makers Fair will look like, what are their major takeaways from the experience and invite schools to come along and learn with them.


Roxburgh Park Primary

Growing maths understanding through vertical gardens. Grade 5 students from Roxburgh Park Primary School will walk you through how easy it is to grow a vertical garden, without it feeling like a typical maths lesson.










Repeating on the half hour


At the completion of the student presentations students will provide a hands on workshop for participants to explore a range of technologies including –

• Lego Spike – movement and sensors

• Lego WeDo - car park challenge

• Makey Makey and Scratch

• Oz Bots

• Dot and Dash

• Microbit

• 3D design, ready to 3D print