We've gone hybrid!

As the proverb goes… “necessity is the mother of invention”. Following the effects of coronavirus/ COVID-19 on the world, and the resulting changes to congresses and exhibitions, EduTECH is proud to announce that we’ve gone ‘hybrid’!

So, what is a hybrid event?

Using the latest technology, EduTECH 2020 will give both in-person and virtual attendees the same access/ experience of EduTECHs free exhibition. This provides exhibitors and sponsors with a bigger market on a wider / international scale.

As so in previous years, EduTECH 2020 expo attendees will still be able to explore the expo floor, participate in FREE expo presentations and interact with sponsors & exhibitors.

In many ways the ‘virtual’ model provides more benefits than a traditional in-person event. So, what are the added benefits of sponsoring / exhibiting EduTECH 2020’s Virtual Event?

  • Reach an even bigger market / wider audience
  • Stay connected with your customers even during COVID restrictions
  • Continue to communicate with your market during lockdown
  • Increase exposure - virtual events last longer so attendees can access your stand, your presentations etc on-demand
  • Opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership
  • Create additional exposure for your business
  • Use a virtual model to temporarily replace live events in the challenging climate
  • Reliable – guaranteed to run regardless of conditions
  • Use virtual model to promote featured event and product announcement
  • Lead an expert discussion around a specific topic
  • Present a solution to a business issue/s
  • Deliver actionable opt in business leads for your sales team
  • Better reporting – you can track everything an attendee does
  • Lead capture

How does my company get involved?