Throughout the duration of EduTECH you will have the opportunity to breakout into smaller seminars to experience training by some of the world’s leading experts in specialist areas such as digital technologies, computing, classroom tech and STEM / STEAM.


Seminar Sessions, Wednesday 18 August 2021

Travis Smith
Seminar Sessions

Education Technology, Trends & Futures for K-12 leaders

A look back and a look forward to what has shaped us here in Australia regarding educational technology. Join Microsoft's K-12 Industry Executive, Travis Smith for a view on local and global trends impacting education technology now and beyond.
Tim Kitchen
Seminar Sessions

Inject creativity in all curriculum areas with Adobe

Adobe software is used at the highest level of the multimedia industry but now Adobe have wide range of digital creativity software that can be used by any educator in any curriculum area and by any student. This practical hands-on session by Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe will demonstrate how and why teachers around the globe are using a range of Adobe tools to engage their students and enhance digital literacy, communication &creativity skills. Dr Kitchen will also share a number of key free resources to help teachers and student make the most of their Adobe apps in the learning & teaching process.
Luke Baills
Seminar Sessions

Putting pedagogy first – what The Cathedral School learned on their journey to design innovative learning spaces

Understanding what your school’s learning and teaching should look like is paramount in any learning space planning process.This Q&A session on designing an innovative learning space will provide practical and useful insights from working with architects and suppliers, through to understanding teaching models and how they can be applied.And let’s not forget the learners – how can student voice and choice positively impact on their learning outcomes.Join The Cathedral School’s Head of Junior School, Luke Baills, and Head of STEM, Ben Dallimore, together with Jo Turner, Furnware Sales Leader as they discuss the importance of collaboration during the consultation process.
Emil Zankov
Seminar Sessions

Robots make computer science more fun

Join Emil Zankov for a 60-minute VEXcode VR workshop. VEXcode VR is an easy to use platform that allows you to code a virtual robot using either Block-based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks, or a custom developed Text-based Python interface. VEXcode VR is based on VEXcode, the same programming environment used for VEX123, GO, IQ and V5 robots. We all know that robots make Computer Science (CS) come to life with real world applications. Now STEM learning can continue while at home for students, teachers and mentors with no access to their VEX robots. Please bring your computer to the workshop.
David Fenner
Seminar Sessions

The 5 Phases of transition to digital learning

Disruption often leads to innovation. When COVID-19 forced campuses to shut down across the globe, it also created opportunities for educational institutions to understand what both students and teachers need. How is connectivity enhancing education delivery? And what are the five phases of transitioning to digital learning?What are the IT challenges in making a successful transition whilst providing a safe and reliable classroom experience?
  1. Why a fast and reliable network is no longer optional?
  2. Why a reliable network infrastructure is vital for supporting a wide variety of digital curriculum projects?
  3. How future-ready technologies help overcome digital roadblocks?
  4. How do you protect student’s safety as well as protecting their privacy?
Mark Bailye
Seminar Sessions

The Secret to Learner Engagement in eLearning is Revealed

How can we replicate high levels of learner engagement achieved in a face-to-face classroom to an eLearning virtual environment? Join me in an interactive presentation where I will take you through digital learning strategies and techniques that encourage engagement and everlasting impact in student curriculum. You will get to learn quick tips in applying activities that incorporate gamification, immersive technology, social and collaborative learning, reward systems, and project management. My goal is to show you different approaches in eLearning content within your Learning Management System (LMS) to create an enjoyable experience for your students.
David Harris
Seminar Sessions

School Networking 101

School Networking from cable types to wireless, copper to fibre optics, Telecommunications rooms to Classrooms, what are the latest Standards and cabling required to lead your school into the future.We will cover the evolution of structured cabling, all services can now run on one cabling platform, 1Gb-400Gb - where is the industry taking us.
Dan Bowen
Seminar Sessions

Education Technology, Trends & Futures for ICT managers

A look back and a look forward to what has shaped us here in Australia regarding educational technology. Join Microsoft's Education Technology Strategist, Dan Bowen for a view on local and global trends impacting education technology now and beyond.
Angela Wood
Seminar Sessions

Modernise Your Educational Programs with Collaborative Learning with Microsoft Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the most severe global education disruption in history. As a result, digital technologies have become essential to the education experience.In this session, we'll share stories from end users and leading organisations and show you how Microsoft Teams and other cloud services (you may already own) can be used to:
  • Provide a unified experience for students and staff
  • Engage with parents in the hybrid learning environment
  • Deliver highly collaborative, bite-size learning
  • Validate program quality and accreditation
  • Provide secure online exams and proctoring
This session is ideal for leaders from education institutions and corporate training providers seeking best practices to evolve their e-learning programs and harness the power of technology to supplement and enhance face-to-face learning.
Sinan Kerimofski
Seminar Sessions

People-Place-Pedagogy What does it mean? What does the data say?

To what extent does furniture challenge teachers to teach better, and what effect does furniture have on students’ perceptions of their levels of engagement? This session will outline the results of a research study which took place in a primary school over 12 months. Classes swapped furniture term by term from flexible spaces to traditional spaces. The results were astonishing!
Justin Pembroke
Seminar Sessions

Robotics within the Curriculum – LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

  • Deep Dive into how robotics fits within the Australian Curriculum
  • What are the expectations of teachers and what does this look like in the classroom?
  • How can we use a single device to meet the needs of multiple year levels?
  • Explore the functionality of the new LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime as a quality STEAM solution
  • Competition as a natural extension to classroom learning - where to next?
Hassan Baickdeli
Seminar Sessions

So What’s Next?

We’ve been blindsided and rattled by the pandemic and in some cases are still feeling the aftershocks,teaching and learning (as we knew it) was flipped on its head and we have all had to adapt, shift andbuild new techniques to deliver as best as we possibly can.We have leveraged technology, fundamentally changed and seen some of the ways we have been able to deliver remote learning and I believe we are at a point where we ask ourselves: So what’s next?We invite you to join Lenovo’s Hassan Baickdeli, Head of Emerging Technology and Solutions for anintroduction into taking some of these practices and implementations to the next level and understanding key requirements from the learning, security, social and enablement layers that focuses on the idea that teaching as well as learning is something you do, not somewhere you go.
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