The Schools Teachers Stream has been carefully curated to provide everyday educators with two full days of professional development, covering the latest research and developments in STEM, collaborative teaching, AI teaching models and more!




Teacher Training

  • Pre-Service Teachers and Students
  • Teacher Training Faculty heads and lecturers


Curriculum Staff

  • Classroom Teachers and Heads of Year
  • Department Heads and Curriculum Coordinators
  • Digital Technologies Coordinators and Heads of eLearning
  • Student Development and Special Needs




  • Gain  up to 14 hours of recognised and /or teacher identified PD
  • Hear  global trends in teaching, learning & effective pedagogy
  • Discover how to roll out the new Australian Curriculum - Digital Technologies
  • Explore  the latest technologies for teaching a wide range of subjects
  • Elevate  performance in Mathematics & student literacy
  • Explore  the latest technologies for teaching a wide range of subjects
  • Learn  how to set up a ‘makerspace’ in your school on a limited budget
  • Experience  how disruptive technologies like AR & VR can be used to improve teaching
  • Build  capacity, confidence and skills in STEM, coding and robotics
  • Discover  how to use data and feedback to assess if your teaching is working
  • Grow  your network of teachers to encourage collaboration and communication



  • 21st Century Learning
  • STEM, coding & robotics
  • Pedagogy & Curriculum
  • Technology to Improve Teaching & Learning
  • Makers' Movement
  • Neuroscience & Mindfulness
  • BYOD
  • Special Needs
  • Resilience and Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Gamification



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