The School Leading Congress takes a big picture strategic look at the future of K-12 education, global trends, and developments, how to lead a 21st century school and how to raise the standards of K12 education in Australia. Plus, actionable insight and practical advice on how technology can be used to improve teaching and learning.



  • Principals
  • Deputies/Assistant Principals
  • Deans/Directors/Executive Team
  • Heads of School
  • Heads of Technology/ICT
  • Directors of Wellbeing and Positive Education
  • Curriculum authorities
  • Peak Bodies & Associations
  • Heads of Government, Catholic and Independent Education Departments
  • Education Unions
  • School Business Manager/Bursars
  • Teacher Training Faculty Heads and Lecturers
  • Lead Teachers


  • Digital Transformation
  • Remote learning solutions
  • Curriculum and the new Australian Digital Curriculum
  • Wellbeing
  • Safety & eSafety
  • Staff Management
  • Funding & Finance
  • Campus & Business Management
  • Staff & Student Wellbeing
  • Potential of Artificial Intelligence to progress education
  • Student Assessment
  • Technology to improve Teaching & Learning
  • Policy
  • Global trends
  • Skills development

School Leading Congress themes


Technology to Improve Teaching and Learning
Global trends
Skill development
Pedagogy & curriculum
Leadership, management & wellbeing