EduTECH’s Virtual School Leading Congress takes a big picture strategic look at the future of K-12 education, global trends and developments, how to lead a 21st century school and how to raise the standards of K12 education in Australia. Plus actionable insight and practical advice on how technology can be used to improve teaching and learning.



  • Principals
  • Deputies/Assistant Principals/Deans /Directors/Executive Team
  • Heads of School
  • Heads of Technology/ICT
  • Directors of Wellbeing and Positive Education
  • Curriculum authorities
  • Peak Bodies & Associations
  • Heads of Government, Catholic and Independent Education Departments
  • Education Unions
  • School Business Manager/Bursars
  • Teacher Training Faculty
  • Heads and Lecturers


  • Digital Transformation
  • Remote learning solutions
  • Curriculum and the new Australian Digital Curriculum
  • Wellbeing
  • Safety & eSafety
  • Staff Management
  • Funding & Finance
  • Campus & Business Management
  • Staff & Student Wellbeing
  • Potential of Artificial Intelligence to progress education
  • Student Assessment
  • Technology to improve Teaching & Learning
  • Policy
  • Global trends
  • Skills development



Technology to Improve Teaching and Learning
Global Trends
Skill Development
Pedagogy & Curriculum
Leadership, Management & Wellbeing

School Leading Channel, Tuesday 17 August 2021

Professor Chris Rogers
School Leading Channel

Training versus coding: what will the basic computational thinking skills in classrooms be in 20 years?

As artificial intelligence grows in power and popularity, we have been struck with a new problem - implicit bias in AI algorithms.Projects like facial recognition, which are close to impossible to do in a scalable way with conventional coding, have suddenly become possible even for elementary school children with powerful neural nets like those behind they bring with it the limitation that the results are only as good as the training sets, implying that maybe the computational thinking problems of tomorrow will be centered more around the psychology questions of how to train equitably than the logical thinking skills of conventional coding.How will training and AI enter the classrooms?And at what age?
Panel discussion
School Leading Channel

PANEL - Using digital tools and data insights to enhance teaching and learning

Join Schoolbox Product Owner James Leckie, The Knox School Principal Nikki Kirkup, and Director of Strategic Initiatives at Camberwell Girls Grammar School Kate Manners, as they explore using data and alternate evidence capture to inform the strategic development of teaching and learning. Be part of the conversation and engage in rich discussions on questions like:
  • How can we use digital platforms to provide meaningful insights on learning?
  • How can we leverage insights to support differentiation and student growth?
  • How can we support teachers to authentically integrate data insights into their teaching practice?
Jackie Cook
School Leading Channel

Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation: Placing People at the Heart

In an environment where students and their families require more support from their schools than ever before, COVID-19 has exacerbated roadblocks to student success that existed prior to the pandemic. A growing digital divide, increasing safety concerns and the need for a connected student experience all provide a compelling business case around the need to transform.In this presentation, Salesforce Transformation Advisor Jackie Cook talks about the importance of placing people: students, parents, educators as well as wider stakeholders at the centre of technology decisions that support digital transformation. She shares four key guiding principles to ensure transformation is set up for success.
Panel discussion
School Leading Channel

Building 'Trust in Education'

In this session, join Elizabeth Wilson, the Chief Information Officer at Victoria's Department of Education and Training to hear how systemic “Trust in Education” is being built throughout the department’s ecosystem by;
  • Building greater connectivity between teachers, parents, schools and the Department.
  • Systematising the tailoring of services to the specific needs of individual students with a focus on student outcomes.
  • Reducing the administration burden on teachers and principals, freeing them up to spend more time teaching and making an impact (thereby also increasing the attractiveness of the role).
Then learn from our Salesforce expert through live demonstrations of the technology which fuels the DET’s work, helping other departments and agencies deliver the same kind of data-driven services with speed, security and at scale.
Lauren Sayer
School Leading Channel

It is time to put the Ed back into Edtech

In this session Lauren will talk about how it is time to ensure our education research and practice is as strong as our technology practice.
  • Practical frameworks for choosing technology to support learning
  • Pitfalls of too much tech and not enough Ed
  • Why and how trials and partnerships between all stakeholders are vital for strong educational technology adoption.
Panel discussion
School Leading Channel

Transforming Australia's schools: from technology to teaching and wellbeing

Australia's schools face a decade of transformation. The workforce is under pressure; expectations about using data and evidence continue to grow; and digital technology is ever more deeply embedded in schooling. PwC's school education practice exists to help schools and systems navigate these changes, which bring opportunity as well as challenge. Starting with the big picture, the presentation will then describe how PwC and Microsoft are partnering to harness technology at two interdependent levels: first, to improve the school experience for students, educators, staff members and parents; second, to give education systems the insights they need to make better decisions.The technology vision is an intuitive “one-stop-shop” administration platform to support finance, student and academic management in schools in Australia on the Microsoft platform. The ultimate purpose is to support teaching, wellbeing and student outcomes.
Panel discussion
School Leading Channel

PANEL - Beyond 'unplugging': How to avoid digital burn-out

  • The benefits of handwritten journals, diary/calendar keeping and 'will-do' lists
  • Ways to manage expectations around email and digital communication
  • Why digital detoxing is an unrealistic luxury
Hassan Baickdeli
School Leading Channel

So What’s Next?

We’ve been blindsided and rattled by the pandemic and in some cases are still feeling the aftershocks,teaching and learning (as we knew it) was flipped on its head and we have all had to adapt, shift andbuild new techniques to deliver as best as we possibly can.

We have leveraged technology, fundamentally changed and seen some of the ways we have been ableto deliver remote learning and I believe we are at a point where we ask ourselves: So what’s next?

We invite you to join Lenovo’s Hassan Baickdeli, Head of Emerging Technology and Solutions for anintroduction into taking some of these practices and implementations to the next level and understandingkey requirements from the learning, security, social and enablement layers that focuses on the ideathat teaching as well as learning is something you do, not somewhere you go.
last published: 16/Aug/21 10:05

School Leading Channel, Wednesday 18 August 2021

Andrew Smith
School Leading Channel

Education leadership post-COVID through digital lense

  • Remote Learning; what did we learn and how do we respond?
  • Leading through times of rapid change
  • Navigating the digital divide
Dr Sean Butler
School Leading Channel

Exceptional Teaching

  • Why engage our best teachers in deep professional learning
  • Responsive pedagogies and Discipline focused professional learning
  • Meeting the needs of our best and brightest teachers
Panel discussion
School Leading Channel

A student should be more than grade! Leading alternative credentialing in your school

Knox Grammar School has introduced the Certificate of Global Competency that validates what studentshave achieved and demonstrated beyond the curriculum. It is awarded based on the accumulation of micro-credentials across four domains over 6 years: Agency and entrepreneurialism, Altruism and advocacy, Responsible and active citizenship and Deep learning and agility. Students can track their progress via a Power BI dashboard. This innovative and game changing initiative was developed in collaboration with students, teachers and parents.
Panel discussion
School Leading Channel

Using a data lake and AI to explore drivers of student learning

  • We need to contextualise the problem before we can understand its origin.
  • Structured Data and Analytics Framework including a data lake to integrate multiple internal data and the external data ecosystem into a high-quality information layer.
  • Apply Advanced Analytics to help School Leaders make critical decisions, strategise and plan.
  • Actionable Predictive Models to measure the impact of the decision, strategy and plan.
Annabel Astbury
School Leading Channel

Why Media Literacy Matters

In this session, Annabel will outline the case for why schools play such a crucial role in making not just their students, but wider society, become “media literate”. The session will include:
  • Why there is a case for a national approach to media literacy.
  • The roles that schools and school leaders can play in enabling their staff, students and school communities become media literate.
  • Present an overview of how schools can start working on this now without starting from scratch.
Panel discussion
School Leading Channel

PANEL - Digital Transformation

With ICT underpinning almost all aspects of running a school, it's important that schools have access to actionable data that can inform future direction and improvements.In this session panellists will share how the Simple Framework for Digital Transformation has been used in a variety of school contexts to make evidenced-based decisions that create a culture of confident and effective technology use.
Steven Ramsey
School Leading Channel

Digital Narrative – An Evolution of Literary Expression

It is to pioneer an educational pathway that will arrest boys' engagement and offer a legitimate conduit for their already loud and active voice in this area.It will provide a moral compass to boys as they engage in the world of 'supposed' anonymity online. It will attempt to set out a code of conduct for virtual environments. Boys and men are struggling with this new found 'freedom'.It will act as a pathway for boys to enter Universities which already have degrees dealing with these texts.It has the potential to create a digital stream of 'English' which provides access to a wider range of boys and their abilities - these texts have mastered differentiation.Students of the subject, like other subjects, will be educated in the ways to contribute and shape the world of this text as they leave school.The competitive component fosters extra-curricular involvement as well. There are avenues to have intra-school and inter-school competitions with more of the 'skill-based' texts.Most importantly, it will provide the foundation for how educational facilities will educate in the rapidly growing field of extreme immersive texts. Virtual and, now, augmented reality is mainly about what we 'can' do, and little about what we 'should' do. Our institutions of knowledge and wisdom need to be involved.
Panel discussion
School Leading Channel

Climbing the Everest of online learning and reaching new digital heights.

Join Fiona Boyd, Co-Founder of EdSmart, for a ‘fireside chat’ with Gavin McCormack as she explores why a Montessori Principal has embarked on a mission to use technology to educate and inspire children throughout the world. They will be discussing:
  • How can a digital school replicate the need to sensate
  • How not to become beholden to technology
  • The transformative role technology plays in this adventure
Mark Grant
School Leading Channel

How to boost learning outcomes of students through better leadership and teaching

Simon Breakspear
School Leading Channel

Agile School Leadership - Navigating Complexity through and Beyond COVID-19

Enhancing leadership agility is the best response to growing levels of complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty. Agile Leadership provides a dynamic approach to leading educational change that enables leaders at all levels to adapt quickly, learn rapidly and iterate towards their desired impact. This compelling and practical presentation will explore how to:
  • Embrace agile mindsets
  • Focus on the right work in the right sequence
  • Engage in iterative action to accelerate collective learning
  • Harness formative evidence to steer and course-correct through change
  • Empower your team to gain cut-through and build momentum in their improvement efforts.
Anthony Muhammad
School Leading Channel

PLC "Right" vs. PLC "Lite": Why Collaborating about the Right Things is So Important

  • Collaboration has little impact if we are not collaborating about the right things
  • Our group efficacy is always greater than individual efficacy
  • PLC is the bedrock of good schooling, no matter the time or space
last published: 16/Aug/21 10:05
EduTECH 2021