EduTECH’s Virtual ICT Managers Congress is not a ‘teaching’ conference. It is designed for network and systems administrators and managers looking for ideas, advice and lessons-learnt about how to build, implement and support the ICT systems that will take Australian education into the future.



  • IT Directors and Managers
  • Network Managers
  • IT Administrators
  • IT Technicians
  • IT Security Managers
  • Cyber Security Managers
  • CIOs
  • CTOs


  • Remote learning systems
  • Cloud and storage management
  • Network security
  • Wi-Fi management
  • 5G adoption
  • IoT
  • Infrastructure efficiency
  • BYOD
  • Collaboration Tools



Cloud Management
Document Management
Information Security
Learning Analytics
Managing BYOD
Network Management
Process Automation
Community Engagement

ICT Management Channel, Tuesday 17 August 2021

Elizabeth Wilson
ICT Management Channel

10 Year Digital Horizon

  • 360 degree view of student
  • How this can be achieved
  • The gold in technology platforms
Panel discussion
ICT Management Channel

The National Safer Technologies for Schools (ST4S) Initiative

  • Learn about the Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) initiative which evaluates an online service’s compliance with a set of nationally consistent security, privacy, online safety and interoperability criteria
  • Hear from State and Territory stakeholders regarding their security and privacy assessment practices and how they make use of ST4S
  • Get details on the ST4S Readiness Check, an online self-evaluation tool available to all vendors
Andrew Liberale
ICT Management Channel

Our 'Near Real-Time' Data Challenge

Servicing an 'on-demand' marketplace requires us to think differently and change our historic data management approaches. World-leading education and training needs to be supported by quality data, information and contemporary technology. Moving from file based, siloed data stores to near-real-time shared data repositories is challenging but a challenge we must understand, accept and master to deliver a better service experience.Key points we will cover:
  • An on demand marketplace
  • The changing data landscape
  • Making your data work for you
  • Where our quick wins lie
  • Planning for the long game
Matt Stokeld
ICT Management Channel

Digital Connectivity: Supporting secure online learning

  • Overview of current schools network
  • Challenges and risks
  • DET schools network technology roadmap
Ian Quartermaine
ICT Management Channel

Managing Complex Change: ICT Service Transformation at Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ)

  • Architecture plan to transform internal and member function using the Microsoft stack.
  • Technologies implemented (Dynamics CRM, SharePoint Intranet & Extranet, External & Internal Teams, Power Platform automation)
  • External Identity system using CRM “Point of truth”, AADB2B and automation through logic app scripting
  • Change Management -processes & project management strategies, including the successes and the many challenges.
Mark Verbloot
ICT Management Channel

Get ready for the next leap: how the next generation of Wireless will elevate immersive learning

As wireless technology has advanced from generation to generation, we’ve seen its application transform from novelty, to default connectivity, to digital learning enabler. In this session, we will look back at how education has embraced each new generation of Wi-Fi to enrichen the learning experience, and how the next generation – Wi-Fi 6E – is poised to enable the next leap.
Stephen Cooper
ICT Management Channel

Transforming the campus network for the next decade with AI for IT

Go beyond AI-washing and discover criteria and examples of modern network features that have enabled universities and schools to transform their IT operations and student experiences.
Sean Kim
ICT Management Channel

More than public address – the benefits of network audio in education

As a school administrator, you rely daily on public address systems to communicate efficiently with students, staff, and visitors. From signaling class changes and making general announcements, to more serious risk-based communication such as an impending threat or weather emergency.

At Axis, we contribute to a safer learning environment by providing you and your staff with high quality network audio solutions that easily integrate with your video surveillance system. Solutions that not only support your daily broadcast audio needs, but can also be used for audible deterrence before, during or after school.

In this session you'll learn -
  • The increasingly valuable role of network audio in education. Why network audio?
  • How network audio provides ultimate flexibility in public address
  • How network audio contributes to a safer learning environment as part of the security system
Panel discussion
ICT Management Channel

Cybersecurity is not just a problem for ‘the IT guy

The recent AustCyber ‘The state of cyber fitness in Australian small businesses’ survey found most small business owners feel directly responsible for cyber risk. There is a recognition that cybersecurity is not just a problem for ‘the IT guy’. The College commissioned a cyber security incident management simulation program to unite the college community triumphing over the cyber crisis. In this presentation, we explain our journey in developing the simulation program, drawing members from the teaching faculties, administrative staff and IT to create realistic cyber incident scenarios. The objective is to challenge the status quo of ‘cyber as only an IT problem’.
last published: 16/Aug/21 10:05

ICT Management Channel, Wednesday 18 August 2021

Megan Townes
ICT Management Channel

Managing and Securing your Hybrid Learning Environment

In this session you will learn how to make the most of the Microsoft 365 cloud for security, compliance, meetings, calling, and analytics. Explore the potential of the M365 cloud for IT managers, as well as services and systems staff.This session will explore how you can:
  • Extend identity and threat protection to help stop damaging attacks with integrated and automated security
  • Bring together information protection and advanced compliance capabilities to protect and govern data while reducing risk
  • Add audio conferencing and calling capabilities in the cloud to enable your staff and students in a hybrid learning world
  • Add analytics capabilities that help you realise significant value from your data
Blake Seufert
ICT Management Channel

Practical low cost IoT projects - How to implement connectivity

Digital adoption has surged in 2020 and student and teacher personal devices are now commonplace.As Internet enabled devices become more widespread, ICT managers and school leaders need to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities the IoT will bring. In this session attendees will hear how four innovative schools have enriched classroom learning and saved money through IoT adoption.
Panel discussion
ICT Management Channel

Addressing risk in your IT operations

The focus on risk and compliance continues to increase with rising media attention on dangers of technology for individuals and businesses.This presentation will cover a range of both technical and non-technical solutions are required to balance to minimise risk to business whilst maintaining operations.
  • What is your risk appetite when innovating?
  • How do you manage your greatest threats?
  • Who are your best partners?
Matthew Baber
ICT Management Channel

Learn from Anywhere

Join Dell Technologies Product Technologist Matthew Baber as he explores the Dell Latitude and other product ranges that have been designed with education in mind.
David Rudduck
ICT Management Channel

How to Harden Your Businesses Cyber Defences and be Better Prepared for a Cyber Incident

During this presentation David will give you insight into what they are seeing from the hundreds of cyber incidents he and his team respond to every year, along with the common mistakes businesses make which leave them open to cyber-attack, along with some simple steps you can take to avoid being “low hanging fruit”.
  • Examples of recent cyber incidents
  • Common causes of successful cyber intrusion
  • Simple steps to take to avoid being a victim to cyber crime
Ashleigh Smith
ICT Management Channel

How the QLD Department of Education makes decisions about the use of online services in QLD schools

  • Schools and school authorities have obligations to protect the privacy and security of personal information held on behalf of students, parents and staff.
  • With the plethora of online services available, the importance of ensuring these obligations are clear and adhered is now even more important.
  • In this session, you will learn about the risk-based decision making process the Queensland Department of Education follows regarding software products and services used in their schools and the use of the Safer Technologies 4 Schools program.
Panel discussion
ICT Management Channel

PANEL - How to get Principal support for your IT project

IT specialists often require the commitment of significant financial, human and capital resources to provide and secure powerful solutions.For IT leaders, it can feel frustrating when it seems your concerns are not being heard amidst the range of competing school priorities.In this session panellists share with attendees the evidence they provide to make the case for change and secure sponsorship for their next project.They will share with attendees how they go about aligning proposed solutions with school strategic planning.
last published: 16/Aug/21 10:05
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