EduTECH is excited to be back in 2020 with a new virtual event! EduTECH 2020’s virtual event provides our global audience with more choice! Virtual events allow our local and global audience the ability to attend EduTECH 2020 virtually from anywhere in world, from your computer. And now, at an even lower price than before!

This festival for education brings over 10,000 people across the entire education and training sector together to learn, debate, exchange ideas and be inspired.

This virtual festival for education attracts over 10,000 people across the entire global education and training sector to learn, debate, exchange ideas and be inspired.

This year’s EduTECH will explore the core theme of “Disruption, Creativity and Diversity” and is the most important two-day meeting on the education calendar for the educators, leaders and administrators who want a decluttering of all the latest news and curriculum updates that affect you, your peers and students.



  • Principals
  • Deputy Principals
  • Executive and Leadership Teams
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Teacher Librarians
  • Curriculum Leaders
  • eLearning
  • Heads of Years and/or Departments
  • Business Managers
  • Bursars
  • ICT Directors
  • IT Coordinators and Network Administrators
  • Librarians
  • Special Needs Teachers
  • School Psychologist / Head of Wellbeing
  • Pre-Service Teachers
  • Government Department and System Leaders



  • Teaching, Training and Learning Solutions
  • Learning Games and Apps
  • Educational content and media
  • eLearning providers 
  • Video Conferencing / Tele-Presence
  • IT, telecommunications and broadband infrastructure and equipment
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Network Security, e-Safety and privacy
  • Anti-bullying 
  • Wireless / Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Devices and Smartphones
  • 3D Printing
  • Traditional Printing solutions
  • Robotics, STEM, coding
  • Simulation & Modelling
  • Augmented Reality
  • Special Education Needs, Inclusive and assistive learning technologies
  • Library Management Solutions
  • Furniture, Buildings and Learning Spaces
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Food & Catering
  • School Management Solutions
  • Student Management Systems
  • Student and Parent communication solutions
  • Student Marketing, Acquisition and retention
  • CCTV, Security, Access Control & Warning Systems
  • Excursions and incursions
  • Professional Development for teachers, trainers, lecturers, facilitators & mentors






  • Prof Genevieve Bell at EduTECH 2020
    Prof Genevieve Bell
    Anthropologist, Senior Fellow At Intel, Director Of The 3A Institute (3Ai)
    The Australian National University
    Pasi Sahlberg at EduTECH 2020
    Pasi Sahlberg
    Deputy Director - Research, Gonski Institute For Education
    University of New South Wales
  • Maggie Macdonnell at EduTECH 2020
    Maggie Macdonnell
    Global Teacher Prize Winner 2017
    The million dollar teacher
    Ken Shelton at EduTECH 2020
    Ken Shelton
    Chief Executive Officer
    Elevate Education
    United States
  • Michelle Michael at EduTECH 2020
    Michelle Michael
    Director Of Learning Systems
    NSW Department of Education
    Marc Prensky at EduTECH 2020
    Marc Prensky
    Founder And Executive Director
    The Global Future Education Foundation and Institute
    United States
  • Anita Collins at EduTECH 2020
    Anita Collins
    Muse Consulting & Bigger Better Brains
    Charles Fadel at EduTECH 2020
    Charles Fadel
    Chair And Founder
    Center for Curriculum Redesign
    United States
  • Tamsyn Rosenberg at EduTECH 2020
    Tamsyn Rosenberg
    Founder And Chief Executive Officer
    Alive Project
    Richard Gerver at EduTECH 2020
    Richard Gerver
    Educator, Leader, Innovator
    Coach to the worlds elite
    United Kingdom
  • Cosentino at EduTECH 2020
    Australia's no1 Illusionist