The Build/Design Stream combined with the EduBUILD Expo is Australia’s largest education buildings and infrastructure conference and expo for education leaders and decision-makers involved in design, finance, construction, renovation, maintenance, operation and management of buildings for schools, colleges and universities.


The event brings together every stakeholder across the entire ecosystem involve with the creation and rejuvenation of learning spaces that encourage creativity, innovation, collaboration, socialisation and health & wellbeing.



Clients include - Property Developers, Education Leaders, Asset Managers, Specifiers, Project Managers, Capital Works and Facilities Mangers

  • School Education System Leaders – Directors General, Department Heads, Procurement Officers, Tender Managers, Capital Works Managers, Project Managers, Asset Managers and Finance Directors from:
    o    Government Education Departments (Public Schools)
    o    Catholic Diocese
    o    Independent Schools Departments and Executive Teams
  • University Leaders and Managers - Vice Chancellors, Executive Teams, Facilities Managers, Finance Directors
  • TAFE Leaders and Managers – CEOs, Executive Teams, Facilities Managers, Finance Directors
  • Local Councils – Town Planners, Project Managers
  • School Principals and executive teams
  • Business Managers, Property Developers, Bursars, Facilities Managers, Procurement Managers


Suppliers - Architects, Building Delivery, Services, Facilities Management, Building Management, ICT and Network Infrastructure

  • Real Estate
  • Property Developer
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Contractors & Sub-Contractors
  • Project Managers
  • Consultants & Engineers
  • Building Product Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • Facilities Management Solutions and Services
  • Sustainability
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Audio-Visual
  • Electrical, Cabling, Data and Comms
  • Utilities
  • Fitout and Furniture
  • Smart Buildings, IOT


From Schools:

  • Principals
  • Deputies/Assistant Principals/ Deans
  • Directors/Executive Team
  • Heads of Technology/ ICT
  • Directors of Wellbeing and Positive Education
  • Classroom Teachers and Heads of Year
  • Digital Technologies Coordinators and Heads of eLearning
  • Education Peak Bodies / Associations / Spokespersons / Influencers
  • Government, Catholic and Independent Education Departments
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Network Administrators (LANs, WANs, Internet)
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • BYOD Coordinators
  • Asset and Infrastructure Managers
  • Librarians, Library Managers
  • Heads of eLearning


From Universities:

  • Vice Chancellors, Deputy VCs, Pro VCs
  • Provosts
  • Executive Directors, Directors
  • CIOs, IT Managers, Network Administrators


From Corporate and Government Training Departments:

  • Learning Directors
  • Instructional and educational designers
  • Training Managers
  • L&D Managers
  • HR Managers
  • eLearning Managers
  • Workforce Capability Managers
  • Facilities Managers




  • See  the latest and technologies in collaborative working and learning spaces
  • Discover technology assisted asset and facilities management
  • Learn  about high-rise schools and how you can make the most of tight spaces
  • Find out about smart and healthy buildings
  • Update  your learning spaces to reflect 21st century learning
  • Find  out how to design, construct and manage your learning infrastructure
  • Find  out how to seamlessly meld technology with learning through environmental design
  • See how to shift learners from the virtual to the physical and return through physical shape, and experience
  • Discover how to foster social connectedness through physical design



  • Contemporary design – Australia vs international – and latest understandings on the effects on learning

  • Environmental effects on learning outcomes

  • Digital Modelling

  • Smart Buildings

  • Funding models, including PPPs

  • Vertical Schools

  • Challenges and Opportunities – State by State

  • Facilities Management

  • Procurement updates


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