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KiteSense is a cloud-based learning recommender that guides every learner towards mastery of a chosen subject. Our AI engine scaffolds learning tasks for each subject, and optimises learning paths for each learner based on pedagogical research and individual learner profile. Our vision is to give every student the capacity to forge a path to mastery and create their own success.

We battle-tested the platform in a rigorous 2-year Research Study in which we partnered with Temasek Polytechnic. Results from the study showed that learning with the KiteSense platform improved academic results by 18%, increased confidence levels by 18%, increased the feeling of enjoyment by 30%, and increased the feeling of support by 16% as compared to the control group.

The team at KiteSense comprises engineers, data scientists, and designers who are passionate about using technology to provide the right tools and support for learners. We believe in teamwork, learning together, being creative, thoughtful, and helping every learner to succeed.


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