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Kidocode is a school of technology and entrepreneurship for K-12 students. Our community is driven to rebuild the education system for the modern era with a combination of AI-empowered tools, top-notch educators, and in-demand campus facilities.

We’re redefining the education system of the future and enabling the next generation of learners to thrive in solving the world’s most difficult problems. In a world surrounded by digital devices, computer programming has now become a public science. This undeniable fact leads us to a near future where everyone should have foundational knowledge in computing.

In response to the intense demand for interactive online & offline computer science education systems, Kidocode is creating provides an education in the areas of: computer programming, game development, mobile app development, electronics & robotics, web development, digital art, business, marketing and finance.

By providing training in these rapid growth areas, our students are well equipped with a comprehensive set of skills that encompass the technology and entrepreneurship space. A space we like to call “technopreneurship”.


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