Yijie Liu | Educator
School of Science & Technology

Yijie Liu, Educator, School of Science & Technology

A Mathematics educator passionate about teaching and learning with Education Technology, Yijie manages the school's EdTech professional development with relevant partners via learning platforms such as nationwide Tech Summits, staff conferences and induction workshops. Yijie also leads the Google Education Group (Singapore) and organises regular meetups for educators to connect and learn from one another.


Pre-conference Workshops @ 14:00

[W7] 7 Nov (PM) - Make learning fun again

As we strive to incorporate various pedagogies, frameworks and lesson maps into our teaching plans, we sometimes lose sight of the big picture and how learning was meant to be engaging and meaningful for the learner. 

How might we design our future classrooms to develop intrinsically motivated learners? In this session, we will investigate and adapt innovative pedagogies so as not to overburden teachers’ current workloads.

Implementing game elements is one of the hottest new topics in education, but what exactly does it look like in a classroom? Learn about the various categories available, how we can assess their effectiveness, and how they can be optimised to engage learners. 

Borderless classrooms allow learning to take place anytime, anywhere. However, they are challenging to design, expensive to implement and challenging to align with lesson objectives. 

Find out more about available effective workarounds that can achieve the same objectives too. Providing timely feedback is crucial for assessment literacy, so we will look at various platforms that can allow for instantaneous customised comments. 

These techniques, platforms and pedagogies can hopefully help educators develop a more streamlined and engaging ecosystem for teaching and learning.

EDUtech Asia 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 15:40

Gamify your classroom

  • What is gamified learning?
  • What it isn't
  • Lesson design: making it work
last published: 21/Sep/23 04:05 GMT

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