Wong Caroline | Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning
James Cook University Singapore | Singapore

Wong Caroline, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, James Cook University Singapore

Dr. Caroline Wong is Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching and a senior lecturer in business at James Cook University Singapore. She has published widely in the field of knowledge management by taking a multidisciplinary approach and this field of research extends into knowledge-based cities, creative cities, and creative industries with special focus on Singapore. She had been a member of the International Scientific Committee of the KCWS (Knowledge Cities World Summit) that organised the first Global Knowledge Based Development Week in Monterrey (Mexico) bringing together nearly two hundred specialists from over 30 countries in interactive forum dialogues on a global knowledge-based development agenda.

Her teaching philosophy is grounded in a genuine interest in students’ learning and seeking constantly to make learning meaningful and enlarging the knowledge base of students.


EduTECH Asia 2020 Conference Day 3 @ 14:30

Augmenting Cloud LMS to achieve institutional goals 

  1. Harnessing Change: As part of the transition to a new version of the institution’s LMS LearnJCU, established guidelines for the Student Digital Experience. These outline our baseline expectations of how staff and students engage with the Virtual Learning Environments to ensure a consolidated approach.
  2. Data-Driven: We utilise data from the VLE to inform teaching and learning as well as quality assurance processes.
  3. Targeted support for students and staff: We’ve put a support network in place to ensure these expectations can be met
  4. Continuous improvement - solving problems one step at a time communication and iterative processes are key to tackle big challenges
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