Tram Vu | Primary Teacher/ Learning Technology Integrator
British Vietnamese International School Ho Chi Minh City

Tram Vu, Primary Teacher/ Learning Technology Integrator, British Vietnamese International School Ho Chi Minh City

Tram is an experienced educator passionate about integrating educational technology to enhance teaching and learning. With over 10 years of teaching experience in International Schools, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a Primary Learning Technologies Integrator at British Vietnamese International School in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Tram is dedicated to training staff on the effective use of technology for teaching and learning, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills to utilize edtech tools in their classrooms. She is also committed to promoting Digital Citizenship and has developed a team of student Digital Leaders who advocate for responsible and ethical technology use. Tram's innovative mindset drives her to explore and trial new edtech resources, integrating them into the curriculum to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for students. With her dedication to integrating edtech, training staff, and promoting digital literacy, Tram is excited to share her insights and experiences at the EDUtech conference, inspiring educators to leverage technology for transformative education.


EDUtech Asia 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 10:00

Powering the future of assessment with effective technology

  • The importance of Assessment for Learning (ASL) in teaching and learning
  • How technology can support AfL with real-time data
  • Effective technology tools for assessment
last published: 04/Oct/23 02:06 GMT

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