Sue Beveridge | Education Advisor
SMART Technology Inc | Australia

Sue Beveridge, Education Advisor, SMART Technology Inc

Sue Beveridge has been an educator for more than 32 years with a strong focus on quality teaching and learning and the use of ICT. She has served in public education as a Head Teacher of English, Curriculum Advisor for English K-12 and Literacy, Chief Education Officer Professional Development, Assistant Director at the Centre for Learning Innovation and Senior Executive in the Connected Classrooms Program. As a Senior Officer in the Nation’s largest Department of Education with an enrolment of over 1.2 million students she has led change strategies for key educational transformations, including the introduction of the NSW Literacy Strategy (placing literacy as a key focus for all teachers), a new Higher School Certificate ( introducing standards based assessment), the Priority Action Schools Program (focussing on Quality teaching in low SES schools) , TaLe (introducing the Department’s Teaching and Learning Portal with more than 22,000 digital resources) and as the Education Outcomes Business Change Manager for the Connected Classrooms Program. The Connected Classrooms Program was $158 million Government initiative to connect 2250 NSW public schools via interactive whiteboards, video conferencing and data collaboration and social networking tools. She is also a Member of the Australian College of Educators (MACE) and the Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL). She has written widely, led educational research and presented at conferences both internationally and nationally including the British Education Research Association ( BERA), AARE, Australian Council for Education Research, ACE Digital Fair 2009, the ACEL Hosting and Harvesting Conference 2010, International Middle Years Conference 2009, and CoSN International Conference Washington 2010, ITech Sydney 2016, iOTF5 Conference 2018 She is currently the Education Advisor for SMART Technologies ANZ, working with the Global Education Strategist, Director APAC and National Manager to inform the pedagogical Roadmap for SMART and the effective use of SMART Technologies in the classroom.


EduTECH Asia 2019 - Day 1 @ 15:40

Global Education Insights and the Future of EdTech

last published: 16/Oct/19 11:16 GMT

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