Siva Mahendran | Leturer
James Cook University | Singapore

Siva Mahendran, Leturer, James Cook University

Dr. Siva Mahendran, EdD, cum laude, MD of Uniphimatrix Educational & Counselling Service, is a professionally qualified counsellor, a workplace literacy trainer and also a Sessional English lecturer in James Cook University, Singapore. He has been in the education field since the early 1980s. He has also been counselling and giving talks and workshops on socio-emotional matters to children, youth and adults from all walks of life, on an ad hoc basis, in schools, private establishments, the Singapore Indian Association, etc. since 2000 and has run counselling courses up to Masters level in various private colleges and tertiary institutions. In December 2018, he was awarded a commendation award for distinguished service, loyalty and dedication by a training institute he is attached with. He has been engaged from time to time in conferences, discussion forums via radio and television programmes in Singapore and is a passionate life-long learner.

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