Louis Choo | Product Manager (Google Specialisation)
GSA Education

Louis Choo, Product Manager (Google Specialisation), GSA Education

Embarking on a journey from a childhood marred by bullying to a herald of hope, Louis stands as a luminary in championing equal learning opportunities and children's wellbeing. His fiery resolve was kindled in 2017 through the impactful speeches he delivered at Toastmasters International. With a foundation in Social Work, Louis transitioned to the Financial Advising Sector, before stepping into his pivotal role as Senior Education Technology Consultant at GSA in 2019. There, he has been a catalyst, collaborating with schools to harness the transformative power of EdTech in cultivating safe, digitally-enriched environments that foster the holistic growth of students. At EDUTech Asia 2023, be ready to be inspired by Louis, a true trailblazer in education and a guardian of children’s flourishing futures.

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