Kynan Robinson | CEO
Notosh | United Kingdom

Kynan Robinson, CEO, Notosh

For Kynan Robinson, every day is a performance. Not only is he an eight-album trombonist and recordlabel owner, but from his ten years as a classroom teacher and school leader, and a further decade developing multi-million dollar businesses, he brings a unique perspective to NoTosh clients. He has driven some of Australia’s fastest growing education technology firms. He is masterful at valuing the individual voice within the collective, and pushing teams to put their most important user at the centre “From my roots in music, to teaching in school classrooms, or leading schools and organisations, nothing gives me more pleasure than creating the space for people to find their confidence as they find each other, and in doing so change and grow. Thats what creativity is. “So many businesses are hierarchical, when they don’t have to be. But I make a point of working with individuals to take more responsibility for the team’s work. It all starts with learning how to share things in Plain English, how to trust each other, how to take risks, how to commit to each other, and how to do this together, In our work at NoTosh we have a phrase which we like people to take responsibility for ‘in this room their is no leader, we are all leaders together.’. When folk take on this mindset, super productive change happens at a lightning pace. “Whether you’re in a sales team or a board room, the impact of switching to this way of thinking is life-changing, businesschanging. You help people on the ground become leaders, not just delivering on their job but developing fresh ideas that become the lifeblood of the organisation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a school or a multi-million dollar business - the principle is same.” We call it, Collective Creativity


EduTECH Asia 2018 - Pre-Day Workshop @ 09:57

Designing learning spaces [SOLD OUT] - Room 303 (Suntec, Level 3)

In this two hour workshop participants will learn about opportunities for faculty, student, and administrative input for redesigning learning spaces. Participants will get an understanding of some of the things they need to understand and do before any space is designed including better understanding what they believe about learning and teaching, how that aligns to contemporary thinking and how that will affect their decisions going forward into space design. Participants will also learn how to create, manage and evaluate physical learning spaces and its transformation. They can walk away with specific ideas to increase effectiveness, develop ways of evaluating spaces and assessing the activities that occur in those spaces, use of technology that faculty and students can use right away, develop a testable plan and envision further iterations

EduTECH Asia 2018 - Conference Day 1 @ 11:10

Track Chair’s Remarks

EduTECH Asia 2018 - Conference Day 2 @ 09:40

Designing Learning Spaces: there’s more to it than adding a wheel

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