Komal Agarwal | ICT Coordinator, PYP
Global Indian International School

Komal Agarwal, ICT Coordinator, PYP, Global Indian International School

With over 13 years of dedicated experience in education, I am a passionate PYP  Educator and an ICT Coordinator committed to fostering an enriching learning environment. As an Apple Learning Coach, I continuously seek innovative ways to integrate technology into the classroom, enhancing educational experiences for students and colleagues alike. I am passionate for lifelong learning, believe in embracing new knowledge and methodologies to share best practices within the education community. My open-minded approach drives me to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements, and integrate technology to enhance the teaching and learning process for both students and teachers, making education more interactive, engaging, and effective. In addition to my focus on technology, I am deeply committed to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I also work as an advocate for the Global Schools program, an initiative by United Nations sustainable development solutions network and  aim to integrate these global objectives into our educational framework, inspiring students to become conscientious global citizens. My dedication to these principles reflects my belief in the transformative power of education to shape a better future for all.

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