Jon Mason | Principal Consultant
Elaura Asia Pte Ltd | Singapore

Jon Mason, Principal Consultant, Elaura Asia Pte Ltd

Jon Mason is an International Learning Partner and Senior Consultant in the Birkman Method® (TBM). As CEO and Principal Consultant of Elaura Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore) and its subsidiary Elaura Limited (UK) since 2000, he provides Leadership, OD and Talent Management services to large-scale clients across the Private, Public and Not-for-Profit Sectors, including Visa, Abbott, Admiral Group and Public Health Wales.

From much of the past 20 years, Jon and his wife and business partner, Sarah (a BPS Chartered Occ. Psych.) have also been using TBM data to help educators and students understand themselves and each other. Among the many institutions they have worked with are Plymouth University, Hong Kong University, and in Singapore, ITE, Singapore Poly, NAFA, Fairfield Methodist School and Halogen Foundation.

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