John Collick | Head of International Education Strategy
Promethean Ltd

John Collick, Head of International Education Strategy, Promethean Ltd

Dr John Collick is Head of International Education Strategy for Promethean, a world leader in interactive classroom technology. Dr Collick is a graduate of Sussex University in England where he received his Masters and Doctoral degree in English. He lectured in Language, Literature, and Philosophy for ten years in Japan, working in the prestigious literature faculty of Waseda University in Tokyo, where he designed and implemented the department’s first e-learning system. He also worked with the Japanese telecom company NTT on the development of a virtual reality shared world learning management system for higher education. On his return to England he became Production Manager at a multimedia company, creating websites, CD-ROM brochures and training software for major clients such as Sony, Lloyds Bank, Panasonic and the RNLI.

In his role at Promethean he works closely with Ministries of Education to develop solutions and programmes to meet the needs of 21st Century education systems worldwide. His focus is on the development of effective and scalable pedagogy for teachers to ensure the successful implementation of technology in the classroom. He has worked closely with the MOEs in the Asia Pacific region, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East on range of national project and policy initiatives.

Dr Collick is an internationally renowned speaker and expert on the educational and social impact of technology. He also lectures on innovative learning strategies, critical and creative thinking, and transhumanism, specifically the current revolution in the way that people interact with machines and intelligent systems. He is the author of several books and novels, and articles on literature, media, ICT and learning.


EDUtech Asia 2022 Conference Day 2 @ 09:00

Keynote: Cyberstudents: Skills, Identities and Assessment for a New World

The events of the last few years are forcing us to rethink our priorities and refocus our attention on the role of education technology in a rapidly changing world. The recent global crises highlighted a range of issues to do with access and equity as children and teachers all over the world were forced to work online. It also underscored a fundamental truth about teaching and learning - that ultimately it is a social and communal activity best experienced together in person. In other words what lies at education’s core is human interaction.


With this in mind, how do we develop a future paradigm for education technology that addresses and preserves this human social interaction, and what is the role of data, assessment and artificial intelligence in this revised plan? How should we redefine our students’ relationship to technology and what skills should we be teaching them, and teachers, to allow them to fully realise their social and emotional identities in a digital world?


This presentation will give an overview of the conclusions we can draw from recent events, and provide some pointers for future students and future teachers.


last published: 28/Sep/22 02:25 GMT

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