Jie Ying Mak | Senior Librarian
National University of Singapore

Jie Ying Mak, Senior Librarian, National University of Singapore

Jie Ying is a Science and Immersive Tech Librarian at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Besides conducting information literacy programmes and consultations, she is part of the team behind TEL Imaginarium, a library facility which showcases devices that facilitate technology-enhanced learning. She has collaborated with faculty members to co-design AR and VR apps in various subject contexts. She also dabbles in virtual tour creation to showcase the libraries and beyond. On top of that, she has conducted tech-related workshops for the NUS community, hoping to equip beginners with a basic set of knowledge to kickstart their immersive tech journey.


EDUtech Asia 2023 Conference Day 2 @ 12:40

Jumpstart Minis: Teaching immersive tech to the masses

  • Free immersive technology workshops to inspire the general NUS community and help them create their own basic immersive tech projects
  • Provision of micro-credentials as testimonials to learners' proficiency in technology and strengthen their future-readiness
  • Immersive tech tools available at NUS Libraries for staff and students to explore further
last published: 04/Oct/23 02:06 GMT

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