Hui Yan Yeong | Senior Practice Fellow
Sunway iLabs at Sunway University

Hui Yan Yeong, Senior Practice Fellow, Sunway iLabs at Sunway University

Currently a Senior Practice Fellow in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Sunway iLabs (iLabs Foundry), Hui Yan contributes towards shaping the entrepreneurial and innovative landscape at Sunway University through robust, impactful educational programs. In her capacity, she actively contributes to the comprehensive design and development of the University's Innovation & Entrepreneurship programs. This includes both credit-bearing courses and standalone initiatives aimed at nurturing young entrepreneurial talent. Her previous accomplishments include the conception and implementation of a fully accredited Entrepreneurship degree program for Sunway Business School, underscoring her prowess in academic program development. She is also responsible for mentoring budding student entrepreneurs to speaking at high-profile innovation and entrepreneurship events.

Beyond her institutional roles, Hui Yan also serves as a Senior Fellow with the prestigious Advance Higher Education (AHE), UK. With over a decade of experience in teaching entrepreneurship and innovation at Higher Education Institutions, Hui Yan continues to make an impact in the entrepreneurial education landscape through various teaching methods.

Hui Yan also leverages her extensive expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship as a corporate trainer, with a particular emphasis on corporate innovation. In today's rapidly changing business environment, corporate innovation is no longer an option but a crucial necessity. It acts as the catalyst for businesses to remain competitive, drive growth, and adapt to changing consumer needs. Guiding organizations through this transformative journey, Hui Yan helps foster a culture of innovation, creating value by bridging the gap between traditional practices and progressive methodologies that propel businesses into the future.

With a fervent belief in education as a transformative journey, Hui Yan aims to inspire and empower the next generation of young innovators and entrepreneurs through innovative tools and impactful experiential learning experiences.


EDUtech Asia 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 11:40

Scaling for Success: Empowering large-scale experiential entrepreneurship education through game-based learning

  • Essential entrepreneurial skills for future talents
  • Game-Based Learning for experiential entrepreneurship
  • "Paradox of Theron" by Sunway University illustrates learning entrepreneurship through play
last published: 04/Oct/23 02:06 GMT

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