Faisal Athar | XR Specialist, VORTEX XR Lab
Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

Faisal Athar, XR Specialist, VORTEX XR Lab, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

Faisal Athar Bin Mohd Fadzil is an accomplished professional in the field of Extended Reality (XR) with a diverse background and extensive expertise. With over a decade of experience, Faisal has made significant contributions to the XR industry through his work at renowned organizations.   Currently serving as an XR Specialist at Vortex XR Lab, Taylor's University, Faisal actively explores and develops innovative XR solutions. His role involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create immersive experiences. Faisal's expertise has been instrumental in driving industry-academia collaborations and fostering integration.   Prior to his current position, Faisal held various leadership roles at Ministry XR, where he excelled in managing and overseeing the creative output of XR projects. His responsibilities included leading development teams, managing XR-related projects, and collaborating with academic institutions for research collaborations. Faisal's expertise extends to XR content development, XR masterclass training, and the successful implementation of XR solutions for diverse clients.   With a foundation in game development and a background as an Assistant Lecturer of Virtual Reality at Multimedia University, Faisal brings a comprehensive understanding of VR principles, game development processes, and Unity programming. His work at Effinjay Studio, where he founded and developed a range of web and PC games, highlights his skills as a game designer, programmer, and artist.   Faisal Athar Bin Mohd Fadzil's contributions and expertise in XR, combined with his passion for innovation, continue to make him a highly respected professional in the industry. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of XR technologies inspires audiences globally.


Pre-conference Workshops @ 14:00

[W6] 7 Nov (PM) - Cross-disciplinary Extended Reality adoption: The XR Onboarding Program (XROPE)

XR tech involving VR, AR and MR have gained momentum in recent years and there are countless uses and applications of XR technology in education. However, there is still a huge disparity between those who are technologically savvy and those who are new to this technology. As educators, how do we find the purpose and the need to adopt such technology in teaching and learning? This workshop is a sharing session of the XR adoption experience and also an explorative session to discuss the best solutions for specific pedagogical scenarios. 

Attendees should bring their laptop for this workshop session.

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