Deddy Setiadi | Co-Founder
Kodecoon | Singapore

Deddy Setiadi, Co-Founder, Kodecoon

Deddy Setiadi was born and raised in Jambi, a province of Indonesia. Deddy is a graduate of Singapore Management University, where he earned his double degree in Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) & Bachelor of Science (BSc) summa cum laude, in Finance and Economics.

Upon graduation in 2015, Deddy launched his career in General Electric under the Finance Management Program (FMP). Apart from being a mere employee, Deddy’s passion for teaching and mentoring, since early adulthood, aspired him to be someone greater.

From a young age, Deddy discovered joy in teaching, and shared that true satisfaction comes from realising that you have succeeded in stimulating the pupils’ interest in a particular subject. Reminiscing such fulfilment, Deddy explored possible education routes. He envisions the value of digital literacy in building future Smart Nation and began teaching programming to children and youth. Today, Deddy and his partner run Kodecoon, a coding institution that dedicates professional expertise in applied programming.

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