Dean Outerson | Ambassador & Writer-in-Residence
Sasin School of Management

Dean Outerson, Ambassador & Writer-in-Residence, Sasin School of Management

Dean Outerson is Ambassador and Writer-in-Residence at Sasin School of Management, where he has worked since 2012. As brand ambassador and "face" of Sasin, he represents Sasin at networking events and education fairs and makes strategic presentations to visitors and potential partner institutions and organizations. As Writer-in-Residence, he supports all facets of Sasin communications, both internal and external, and develops and writes articles and papers about Sasin's thought leadership - faculty research, innovations, and developments - to create more impact.
He's lived and worked in Thailand for 16 years, and in Asia for 31 years. A native of Canada, he grew up in the United States and graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. He is on the board of the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and served as President of the Rotary Club of Bangkok South, one of Thailand’s largest Rotary Clubs, in 2018-19.


EDUtech Asia 2021 Conference Day 3 @ 15:00

Panel: Refining your enrolment strategy: using enrolment management software to understand data points that identify areas of success and gaps in the application cycle

last published: 10/Nov/21 02:06 GMT

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