David Lee | STEM and EdTech Coach
Singapore American School | Singapore

David Lee, STEM and EdTech Coach, Singapore American School

David Lee is a STEM and EdTech Specialist at Singapore American School. His role is to collaborate with educators in designing real world learning experiences and facilitating teachers in integrating STEM subject areas meaningfully and purposefully into their classroom. Developing these learning experiences helps increase learner engagement and achievement, develop 21st century skills, promote creativity and innovation, and teach/model a methodology that learners can use to solve complex problems.


EduTECH Asia 2018 - Pre-Day Workshop @ 09:52

Personalised learning [SOLD OUT] - Room 323 (Suntec, Level 3)

This two-hour workshop learn about the empowering capabilities of modeling and teaching the design thinking process and mindsets to your students. Unleash their creativity and confidence to tackle real world problems and improve real world experiences. Design thinking (DT) is an iterative process and a way of thinking that focuses on human-centered design. This solution-thinking method is ideal for project-based learning and STEM projects because it equips students with the toolkit to generate innovative solutions. Additionally, it provides an inquiry scaffold that can be paced to learning needs, tailored to learning preferences, and adapted to specific interests.
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