David Lee | STEM and EdTech Coach
Singapore American School | Singapore

David Lee, STEM and EdTech Coach, Singapore American School

I am currently the elementary Design Innovation Specialist at Singapore American School in Singapore. My responsibility at the school is to facilitate educators in integrating STEM subject areas meaningfully and purposefully into their curriculum to increase learner engagement and achievement, provide learners with real world experiences, develop their 21st century skills, promote creativity and innovation, and provide digital tools that are appropriate to each student’s learning styles. I model/teach the design thinking methodology to students to equip them with a creative, problem-solving toolkit that they use to bring positive change to people's lives. ​I was also the former elementary STEM Coordinator at Korea International School (KIS). As the STEM Coordinator, I contributed to the vision and execution of the school's STEM program, worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to deliver transdisciplinary instruction and curriculum., assisted in the development and delivery of professional development.


EduTECH Asia 2019 - Day 1 @ 17:00

Building and running an effective STEAM program

EduTECH Asia 2019 - Day 1 @ 17:54


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