Christy Wong | Head of School
School of Concepts | Singapore

Christy Wong, Head of School, School of Concepts

Christy Wong has over 17 years of experience in education and programme delivery in the Special Needs early intervention. She is trained in several autism-friendly teaching strategies. With these credentials, Christy has taken up the role of contributor to the training of educators/parents in the Autism community warmly. parents; being a go-to person for home strategies for young children with Autism needs is nothing new to her. “To the world, you are one teacher. To the child, you are his / her world.” This is Christy’s driving fuel for her daily work. She hopes that every parent would be equipped with the appropriate skills, knowledge and wisdom to build and expand their child’s world.


EduTECH Asia 2019 - Day 1 @ 17:47

Storytelling for children for early intervention

last published: 16/Oct/19 11:16 GMT

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