Chris Smith | Academic Data Specialist
Singapore American School

Chris Smith, Academic Data Specialist, Singapore American School

Chris is an academic data specialist at Singapore American School. He helps school leaders and educators make sense of their data by turning it into information that informs effective decision-making. Chris has 25 years of experience in education. Starting off as an elementary classroom teacher for 17 years, he moved into an educational technology coaching role and eventually found himself helping others be more efficient with their work around data analysis and data literacy. When not jamming out on spreadsheet formulas and chart elements, Chris can be found ascending punchy climbs and bombing down drops in the jungle on his mountain bike.


Pre-conference Workshops @ 14:00

[W9] 7 Nov (PM) - Data dashboards in schools - Making meaningful insights with data

Participants are expected to bring a laptop and have access to Google Sheets and Google Looker Studio (both web-based, free platforms).

As educators, we collect a lot of data. But do we really know what to do with it? Do we know how to use this data to guide effective decision-making that leads to insights and student success? Spreadsheets are great, but they are not good to use for decision-making in school. Leverage the power of good data visualisation through exploratory dashboards.

This two-hour hands-on workshop will introduce participants to basic data literacy skills and the process of building a data culture in schools. We will explore and discuss a few examples of interactive data dashboards. Participants will learn some basic principles behind designing effective data dashboards. With a shared sample data set, participants will work collaboratively to generate ideas for designing their own dashboards.

Finally, we will use Google Looker Studio to create an interactive dashboard with our sample data set based on the design ideas from the participants. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop. The workshop will provide valuable insights into dashboard implementation in education technology, promoting collaboration and idea sharing.

EDUtech Asia 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 14:50

Panel: Serving better education outcomes using data

  • Ethical considerations when collecting, storing, and analyzing data
  • Data dashboards to communicate insights and inform decision-making
  • Best practices for ensuring data privacy and security
  • Transparency and communication: how schools use and share data with tech platforms
last published: 29/May/23 20:15 GMT

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