Carol Lai | Founder & Principal Consultant
Village Consultancy | Singapore

Carol Lai, Founder & Principal Consultant, Village Consultancy

Carol Loi is a digital literacy educator, as well as a parent coach and member of John Maxwell Team focusing on equipping people on leadership and communication skills. She believes that to effectively support a child in digital literacy, the foundation need to be set in the home, with parents taking leadership in the issue and with clear communication of boundaries. She believes that educators and families need to work more closely to truly support children in the increasingly complex and information-saturated environment. Carol spent over two decades in the Singapore public service, including the Ministry of Education and the Info-communications Media Development Agency. She also served in the secretariat of the Media Literacy Council. She has a Master in Business Administration from the Nanyang Technological University, specialising in technology and human capital management. She and her husband have two teenagers.

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