Bina Rai | Senior Lecturer
National University of Singapore

Bina Rai, Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore

Dr. Bina Rai is a microbiologist, bio-engineer and community-engaged educator. She is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, National University of Singapore, and the course lead for two technical electives on Bioanalytical Methods for Engineers and Serious Games for Health. She is an educational innovator and instructional designer dedicated to bringing joy and play back into the classroom. Dr. Rai is passionate about the advancement of science and engineering undergraduate interdisciplinary teaching. She actively teaches and conducts research on gamification, virtual reality simulations and serious games for education and healthcare applications. As a member of bGood and the Health District Initiative, she conducts co-design workshops and guides the translation of student bespoke solutions for engaged and inclusive communities. Dr. Rai is on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Learning and Teaching and has published her teaching efforts on various online platforms. Dr. Rai was awarded the Tertiary Educator of the Year at Edutech (Asia) Awards in 2017, the Innovplus Award in 2020 (a competitive learning innovation grant challenge), the College Educator Award in 2023 and the Annual Teaching Excellence Award in 2023.


EDUtech Asia 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 16:20

The elephant in the room

  • How might we transform the way biomedical undergraduate laboratory lessons are assessed to provide timely evidence of practical competence in solving real-world problems?
  • I developed a first-in-kind Virtual Reality lab simulation prototype integrated with an analytics platform to accurately assess a student’s lab procedural skills and theoretical knowledge of a bioanalytical method in a real-world scenario.
  • A pilot study provided evidence for
    • Deployment of serious games as an educational technology tool within a curriculum.
    • The ability to capture game event data as evidence for play-learners’ behaviour.
    • Establishing the potential of using serious games for assessment.
last published: 04/Oct/23 02:06 GMT

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