Bernadine Caruana | Counsellor - Education And Science
Australian High Commission | Australia

Bernadine Caruana, Counsellor - Education And Science, Australian High Commission

Bernadine Caruana commenced as Counsellor (Education and Science) at the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur in January 2018. She represents Australia’s interests in bilateral education and science relationships with Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Bernadine has worked across a number of government agencies with a focus on international and higher education, science and research policy and managing Australia’s international science relationships. She previously held the role of Senior Advisor, Science and Research at the Australian Embassy in Beijing and at various government agencies in Hanoi. Prior to taking up her present position, Bernadine was the manager of Strategic Partnerships under the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs Programme at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science managing contracts to deliver business advisory to services to Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in identified growth areas.

As the Department’s Counsellor in Malaysia, Bernadine will focus on maintaining long-term, established relationships in the region and foster new relationships.  She aims to encourage greater flows of people, knowledge and skills between and within her region and Australia.  She will also contribute to work on existing multilateral projects, such as the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework, and seek to identify further opportunities through multilateral fora such as ASEAN.

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