Ben Summerton | Technology Coordinator
Singapore American School | Singapore

Ben Summerton, Technology Coordinator, Singapore American School

Ben Summerton is an experienced and passionate international education leader from Australia with K-12 experience in both public and private schools in South Australia and Victoria. Ben is currently the Upper Elementary Technology Coordinator at Singapore American School, and has served as Director of Educational Technology at Korea International School in South Korea. He holds an B.Arts (Professional Writing and Communication); and M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Administration. He is currently a Google Certified Educator. Ben is a frequent international conference speaker and workshop facilitator, perhaps best known for his commitment to developing professional learning programs which include ‘The Fish Bowl’ and ‘The LOFT’. These programs adopt the principle of being just-in-time, voluntary to attend, in-house and everyday. He believes that building a collaborative culture of coaching in schools powerfully impacts both student and teacher learning outcomes. When not in front of a classroom or project, Ben is a busy husband as well as father of two very young children...but who still reads avidly in short bursts; enjoys the process of bringing malt, hops and yeast together; and believes that music is humanity’s greatest gift to itself. Ben can be found engaging with educators on twitter at @bensummerton


EduTECH Asia 2018 - Conference Day 1 @ 09:00

Chair’s opening remarks

EduTECH Asia 2018 - Conference Day 1 @ 11:20

A K-12 Case Study

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