Abdul Rahman Bin Hassan | Head of Department, Training and Technical Support
GSA Education Ltd | Singapore

Abdul Rahman Bin Hassan, Head of Department, Training and Technical Support, GSA Education Ltd

Rahman started his affection with computers back in the late 80s and has been in the IT line professionally since 1995. He has years of experience with technical support and has conducted countless training for both corporate and also the educational sector. Hi passion for programming keeps him on his toes on the advancement of technology, be it hardware or software.


EduTECH Asia 2019 - Workshop Day @ 13:16

Google apps & tools for your classroom [W1], Level 3, Room No, 300

In this two hour workshop participants will explore examples of how to amplify student voice in their classroom/school using a range G Suite for Education Apps. Time will be dedicated to hands on experiences relevant to each participant’s individual needs. This program is run to promote and practise learner agency with guidance for basic and advanced abilities in Google Apps. Creation of useful takeaways to increase student voice and self-paced learning is the focus of this session.
last published: 16/Oct/19 11:16 GMT

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